Finials for Lamps Accessories

The appearance of a lamp depends on three things, the pole, the shades and the finials. The pole is the one which is functioned to place the lamp. The shade is the cover of the lamp so that there will be a beam of light instead of a bright light. The last, finials is a small ornament that you put on the top of the lamp shades. You may have […]

cool table lamps for sale

Cool Table Lamps Ideas

Looking for a lamp that can act as a tool to give additional light and decoration, you should concern with the design of the lamp too. A well designed lamp will make your table looks good. You can relax on your table while you are doing your work when you have a Cool Table Lamps that is designed with special design. You can also call this lamp as creative lamp […]

aged bronze table lamps

Bronze Table Lamps for the Living Room

Bronze table lamps should be included in your shopping list if you want to buy the best table lamp for your living room. This lamp is made from bronze, which is known as another durable metal material. Thus, its durability can’t be questioned anymore.  But of course, you have to be very careful in selecting this lamp in the market because there are counterfeit products spread out there. Make sure […]

blue burlap lamp shades

Selecting Cute Blue Lamp Shades

Lamp shades are important for covering the lamp bulb. Of course, its main benefit is clear: directing the light of lamp bulb to specific lighting area. This way, it will blend well with the lighting arrangement in a room. Bedroom is a common place where people put the lamp shade. But of course, it can be applied to other rooms that need it, including living room. Blue lamp shades are […]

blue art glass table lamp

Clear Blue Glass Table Lamp for Decoration

Another alternative for decorating the living room is employing the blue glass table lamp. Since it is made from glass, the basic feature of this lamp is the see-through body. Of course, the lamp is very elegant and able to make every room look more adorable. The most important reason that people should choose this table lamp above other kinds of lamp is the availability of unique shapes. Indeed, glass […]

winnie the pooh ceiling lamp shade

Classic Winnie the Pooh Lamp for Children’s Bedroom

Children’s bedroom will be very lively if parents decorate it with cartoon characters. They will have the chance to develop their imagination when they stay in their room. Winnie the Pooh, one of the famous cartoon characters, is a perfect choice for a child’s bedroom theme. Complete the bedroom with beddings and wallpaper with Winnie the Pooh pictures. Oh, and don’t forget the Winnie the Pooh lamp! It is so […]