crystal tree floor lamp

Create Your Own Tree Floor Lamp

House interior gets more interesting nowadays. The designs are getting more unique than several decades ago. What makes it even interesting is the fact that house interior is able to employ any kinds of thing around us. One of the décor that falls into this category is the floor lamp. Indeed, there is tree floor lamp that can be used as a unique décor in the living room. Yes, this […]

large touch table lamps.png

The Modern Aspects of Touch Table Lamps

This modern era provides us advanced technology that helps our life. Even, thing as simple as lighting, has been developed so dramatically that will make people around the world mesmerized. Indeed, related to bedroom lighting, there are touch table lamps, which have no switches to turn on or off the light. Instead, it employs our hand touches to turn on and off the lamp. This kind of table lamp really […]

ott lite floor lamp replacement bulb

Online Shopping of Ott Lite Floor Lamp

Today’s world provides people with simplicity in every life aspect, including shopping. Yes, people have the chances to do online shopping, which save time and money. They don’t need to directly visit the store. Just need their credit card to pay the shopping and wait for the package to arrive at home. One of the examples, related to house interior shopping is buying ott lite floor lamp. It is easy, […]

2 inch oil lamp chimney

Tips on Cleaning Antique Oil Lamp Chimney

Since long time ago, oil lamp is helping people in providing the source of light for reading and other daily activities done during the night. Although today we mainly use electrical lamps for lighting, people still hunt for oil lamp due to its unique style. They find it for completing their classic lamp collection. The antique oil lamps, whether they are in a collection or for daily use, need to […]

nelson bubble lamp

Many Types of Nelson Bubble Lamp

There is a house interior designer named George Nelson who made innovative lighting. One of his famous designs is the bubble lamp, which is still being used by many people around the world up until today. Nelson bubble lamp is very well-known with its unique design. It can be installed in many places, including the living room, dining room, and other formal rooms. The most common characteristics of his bubble […]

navy and gold lamp shade

Unique Navy Lamp Shade for Decorating Bedroom

A comfortable bedroom will be cozier with enough lighting. Besides ceiling lamps, some good table lamps can be used for decorating the bedroom too. Of course, the table lamps will require the appropriate lamp shade to point the lighting. Among all the kinds of lamp shade, navy lamp shade is a perfect choice for completing the décor in your bedroom. In the market, there are lamp shades in dark blue […]