nautical floor lamps nz

Nautical Floor Lamps Decoration

Designing your room with beach theme will be perfect if you also place Nautical Floor Lamps. After you have designed and decorated your room with anything that relate to beach, you have to add a lamp with nautical-inspired design in your room to give a real atmosphere like you are really being near the beach. As it is a floor lamp, this lamp usually has a tall pole about one […]

grand brass lamp parts coupon code

Grand Brass Lamp Parts Store

Lamp is important tool in your house. It works as a lighting tool, whether main lighting or additional lighting, and also as decoration in your house. So, you have to fulfil your need of lighting for your house well with the appropriate lamp or chandelier. Thus, you can look for whatever your need of lighting accessories in Grand Brass Lamp Parts. It is a store that sell whatever your need […]

gooseneck floor lamp shades

Gooseneck Floor Lamp

When you are in the middle of decorating your room, you may include Gooseneck Floor Lamp. What kind of lamp is this then? Just like represented by its name, this lamp has a long pole or neck. It is placed on the floor instead of on the table. The height will be about one meter or more. This lamp is such a good solution for you who have a small […]

finials for light fixtures

Finials for Lamps Accessories

The appearance of a lamp depends on three things, the pole, the shades and the finials. The pole is the one which is functioned to place the lamp. The shade is the cover of the lamp so that there will be a beam of light instead of a bright light. The last, finials is a small ornament that you put on the top of the lamp shades. You may have […]

cool table lamps for sale

Cool Table Lamps Ideas

Looking for a lamp that can act as a tool to give additional light and decoration, you should concern with the design of the lamp too. A well designed lamp will make your table looks good. You can relax on your table while you are doing your work when you have a Cool Table Lamps that is designed with special design. You can also call this lamp as creative lamp […]

bronze table lamps for living room

Bronze Table Lamps for the Living Room

Bronze table lamps should be included in your shopping list if you want to buy the best table lamp for your living room. This lamp is made from bronze, which is known as another durable metal material. Thus, its durability can’t be questioned anymore.  But of course, you have to be very careful in selecting this lamp in the market because there are counterfeit products spread out there. Make sure […]